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God has a great plan for your life.


 We at Genesis One believe that the power of Holy Spirit will overshadow our land and the power of the Lord will bring healing, joy, and peace to all aspects of our lives.

We will be opening on October 1, 2023  at our new location at

2651 Commercial St SE, Salem, Oregon 97302.

Come by and join us for our Sunday Worship Service starting at 10:30am!

Weekly sermon recordings are still available on our website at

Ready for New Beginnings?

Today's world is fast paced, and it often feels like there's not enough hours in a day. That fast pace leaves precious little time for reflection on where we are heading on life's journey.

What To Do Next

Maybe it's time for you to take a breather from this fast pace.  Take the first step and join us in a Sunday Worship Service and let God guide you on a fresh new journey in life.    Sunday Worship Services start at 10:30am.

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